Could you be Finland’s first Pizza Master?

We’re looking for the best pizzas and pizza makers in Finland
– apply now! 

Who’s the contest for and what’s its timeline?


The Pizza Master 2017 contest is open to all professional cooks and chefs.

The jury will then choose eight applicants based on the submitted recipes. In the semifinal, the participants will cook two different pizzas in front of the jury. Four contestants will go on to the final.

The semifinalists must bring their own dough to the semifinal, after which the finalists will make their own dough for the following day’s final in front of the jury. In both of the semifinal and final, the contestants will have five minutes to prepare the pizza and ten minutes to make it.



The jury is made up of leading professionals and representatives of the competition’s sponsors. The chairman of the jury is the top chef Pekka Terävä.


Judging Criteria

In both the semifinal and final, the jury will judge the quality, creativity and execution of the pizza. Each pizza will be judged according to the criteria listed below. The flavour and quality of the ingredients will be the most important elements considered. The highest scoring competitor will win the title of Pizza Master 2017 and the main prize.


  • Texture, freshness, combination and quality of the filling
  • Thickness, texture, shape and flavour of the crust


  • Creativity in choosing and usage of the ingredients in the pizza


  • How neatly, systematically, speedily and assuredly the master candidate works


Equipment needed in the competition

The Pizza Master competitors who reach the semifinal will be sent detailed instructions on how to prepare for the competition, and of the equipment and supplies required. The following items will be available at the venue:

  • Worktop, water, refrigerating appliances and pizza oven
  • Ingredients in the Sponsor baskets, which will be announced in plenty of time for competitors to prepare.
  • Waste basket for the final will be a surprise.


Main prize is a study visit to Italy

The first 50 applicants will also receive a top quality GLOBAL kitchen knife.

The winner will be given the title of Pizza Master 2017 and the study trip to Italy, where he/she will receive training and inspiration from top local chefs.

In addition, a draw will take place amongst all the applicants, 20 of whom will win “training sets” from the sponsors of the competition.

All the semifinalists will receive a certificate, and the first three, a separate diploma.