Could you be Finland’s first Pizza Master?

Do you make the best pizza? We’re looking for the top pizzas and pizza makers in Finland – apply now! 

Who’s the contest for and what’s its timeline?

The Pizza Master 2019 contest is open to all Finland’s professional cooks and chefs. The competition gives you an opportunity to help further your skills and career. The application period is 1.9.-15.12.2018.

The jury will then choose eight applicants based on the submitted recipes and pictures. Four contestants will advance to the final.

This is the second time a Pizza Master will be crowned by Arla in 2019 Fastfood & Café & Ravintola fair in Helsinki 7.3.2019.

The first Pizza Master winner is Davide Sindoni, passionate pizzamaker in Turku’s Ristorante Sergio’s.



The contest is open to all 18 years old or older professional cooks or chefs. Jury will anonymously choose semi-finalist based only on the recipe and picture of the pizza. Eight contestants will advance to the semi-finals. Four participants will be chosen to the final. Go ahead and apply!

The application period is 1.9.-15.12.2018. The last possibility to partake is 15.12.2018 at midnight. Applications that arrive after this are disregarded. By 11.1.2019 the semi-finalist will be personally informed and afterwards publicly announced. The final task is published in January 2019.

The semi-finals are kept at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre at the Fastfood & Café and Ravintola professional fair in 6.3.2019. In the semi-final, the participants will cook two different pizzas in front of the jury. One pizza with their recipe and a second pizza based on the given ingredients. Semi-finalists must bring their own dough to the semi-final, after which the finalists will make their dough for the following day’s final in front of the jury. In both semi-final and final, the contestants will have five minutes to prepare the pizza and ten minutes to make it.


The jury is made up of leading professionals and representatives of the competition’s sponsors. The chairman of the jury is the Michelin star top chef Pekka Terävä.



1st place 4.000 €

2nd place 700 €

3rd place 300 €


In addition, all contestants will receive a small present.

All the semi-finalists will receive a certificate, and the first three, a separate diploma.


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